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Preserve lighthouse
Saturday, December 14, 1996  —  Charleston Post and Courier

I would like to add my vote in favor of the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission purchasing and preserving the old Morris Island Lighthouse. It is a part of our heritage in the coastal area of South Carolina and should get top priority from our PRC.

I don't quite understand Chairman Ray Passailaigue's statement that he does not want to be saddled with a black hole in the ocean. Are all of our county parks showing a profit? Is the goal of our PRC to make money? Why should this one project be singled out as a black hole?

This lighthouse is "one of a kind" in our state and well over 100 years old. This fact alone, in my opinion, is grounds enough for the PRC to purchase and preserve it. What if this lighthouse was the last 100-year-old live oak tree in our state? Do you think that there would be any question about preserving it? I think that our lighthouse is just as important to our heritage as our lovely old live oaks.

Come on PRC, all of the letters to the editor, the editorials and the public are behind this project. Please step forward and take on this project so that in my old age I will be able to sit on the end of Folly Beach and look across at the magnificent structure and reminisce about the good times I had around it.

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