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Ernie Epssailaigue is the New Chairman of Save the Light, Inc.
January 21, 2003  —  Save the Light, Inc.

The Board of Directors of Save The Light, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ernie Passailaigue, Executive Director of the South Carolina Education Lottery, has agreed to serve as Chairman of our non profit group. Raised and educated in Charleston, South Carolina, Ernie Passailaigue is a well known, respected community leader. He has served as an educator, business owner, a South Carolina State Senator, as well as serving in his capacity of Executive Director of the South Carolina Education Lottery. Ernie has served on numerous boards and committees, and has been a recipient of numerous legislative and public service awards. Ernie and his wife, Margie, have seven children and five grandchildren.

Save the Light, Inc. is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse. The Morris Island Lighthouse is loved by countless people across our state and the nation. It stands as the sole sentinel of the historical importance of Morris Island and a priceless symbol of our maritime heritage. On behalf of all these individuals dedicated to preserving this national treasure, we are thankful that Mr. Passailaigue has agreed to bring his reputation, experience and energy to the aid of our cause.

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