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First-day Hand Cancelled Commemerative Envelopes Available For Sale
August 10, 2003  —  Save the Light, Inc.

In June, the U.S. Postal Service unveiled the latest lighthouse commemorative stamp set. The ceremony took place in front of the newly restored Tybee Island Light Station. The following Lighthouses were honored along with the Morris Island Lighthouse: the Tybee Island Light, Tybee Island, Ga; the Old Cape Henry Light, Virginia Beach, Va.; the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, Beaufort, NC; and the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, Pompano Beach, Fl. The five stamps feature renderings of original paintings done by Howard Koslow based on photographs of the beacons. Dr. Richard L. Beck, vice chairman of Save The Light, Inc. and board member Paula O. Hinton unveiled the Morris Island Lighthouse Stamp. A representative from each lighthouse spoke to the crowd of over 1,000 participants including stamp collectors, lighthouse buffs, and maritime historians.

First-day Hand Cancelled Commemorative Envelopes/Caches Available For Sale

Save The Light, Inc. is offering for sale, commemorative envelopes with artwork and a first-day hand cancellation. The commemorative envelope is suitable for framing and makes a handsome display of Morris Island Lighthouse memorabilia.

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