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Jim Booth Print 'Carolina Legacy'
"Carolina Legacy" by Jim Booth

The Morris Island Lighthouse, standing in the waters of Charleston Harbor, is a testament to that chapter in American history when maritime commerce was the lifeblood of the nation. The lighthouse bears witness to the rich, if sometimes bloody, history of Morris Island. Today it is an example of the durability of a structure under assault by the forces of man and nature. The Morris Island Lighthouse has faced war, hurricanes, erosion and decades of neglect. It can no longer bear the latter. The lighthouse must be saved. Join Save The Light and help us save our most important maritime icon.
Donors at the Sentinel level receive a print of "Carolina Legacy."

Free one-year new membership to holders of Morris Island License Plate

Specialty License Plate
Specialty License Plate

Save The Light is pleased to offer a one-year membership at the Friend level to holders of a Morris Island license plate. This beautiful plate, designed by artist Jim Booth, is available through your local South Carolina Department of Motor vehicles. The tag is $100 plus normal licensing fee and is valid for two years. $92.00 goes to our preservation fund and is tax-deductible.
Once you have your plate, just email us your name, address and plate number, and we will send you a Save The Light member decal and information about your one-year free membership.

All contributions to Save The Light are tax deductible.
Memberships support our operations and are renewable annually.

When you make your donation, you may choose from several types:

Become a Member

Membership LevelDonationFirst-time Member Gifts
Student$10 to $24Official member's decal
Friend of the Light$25 to $49Official member's decal
Supporter of the Light$50 to $99Official member's decal and a Save The Light cap
Keeper of the Light$100 to $249Official member's decal and a Save The Light T-shirt (size: S M L XL)
Navigator of the Light$250 to $499Official member's decal, a Cap and a Save The Light T-shirt (size: S M L XL)

Sentinel of the Light$500 or moreOfficial member's decal, 2 Caps and 2 Save The Light T-shirts (size: S M L XL), and a print of Jim Booth's "Carolina Legacy"

Make A Donation in Honor Of or In Memory Of Someone

You may make donations In Honor Of or In Memory Of someone special to you. When you make your donation, fill in the amount and be sure to choose the type of donation you would like to make and fill in the name of the individual for whom you are making the donation.

Donations in Honor Of and donations In Memory of may be any amount. Your donation goes directly into our preservation fund.

Make a Capital Campaign Donation

If you or your organization would like to make a donation that goes directly into our preservation fund, you may make a Capital Campaign Donation.

Capital Campaign donations may be any amount. For larger donations or to make donations over a period of time, please contact us by email at info@savethelight.org or call us at 843.633.0099 during regular business hours.

The Step Program

"North Window"
Photo by Richard Beck

Save the Light's Capital Campaign Chairwoman, Betty Johnson O'Brien, has announced a naming opportunity. For a contribution of $5000.00, you can choose one of the 203 steps in the lighthouse to which a brass plaque, inscribed with the name of your choice, will be attached. If you wish, you may also have "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of" inscribed before the invividual's name. If you would like to request a specific step number, please inquire as to which steps are available at this time.

If you would like to name a step in the lighthouse, please contact us by email at info@savethelight.org or call us at 843.633.0099 during regular business hours.

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We have three ways for you to make donations: by mail, by phone or online.

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By phone: Make a donation directly to us, call us at (843) 633-0099

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