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  • SAVE THE LIGHT meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.
    For information, call 843-633-0099.
    January 6, 2020 will mark the 21st. anniversary of the founding of Save The Light. In 1999, a number of us came together to do something about keeping our beloved lighthouse from falling into the water and being lost. As we celebrate our successes, we have come to realize that saving the Light is not something that you do and are done with it. Saving the Light is a task that will always be at hand.

    It is time for the next generation of Keepers to step up. We have several board positions available and we are asking that you help us continue the work that we have been doing by stepping up and joining the board. I don’t think that you will find a more fulfilling way to use your talents for the good of the community at large. I always say that if we had known how long it would take, we might never have started. If we knew what wonderful people we would meet or the importance of the work, we would have started sooner.

    Please share your talents with the Lighthouse. Give Patty a call at the office 843-633-0099 or call me at 843-860-6878. The Lighthouse needs you.

    Richard Beck
    Go to our Events page for more information and to purchase tickets.
    There no planned events in the near future. Check back again soon.
    Sunday October 20, 2019 ~ BBQ AT GOLD BUG ISLAND ~ 2-5pm -SOLD OUT!
    Sunday January 5, 2020 ~ OYSTER ROAST ~ 2-5pm at Bowen's Island.
    Saturday February 1, 2020 ~ 5K Run and HALF-MARATHON at Folly Beach, SC.
    The race was run and was a great success. Race results can be found here.
    Saturday June 13, 2020 ~ 22nd ANNUAL LIGHTHOUSE GALA AND AUCTION ~ 6-9pm
    at the Citadel Holliday Alumni Center. Reserve the date! ~ SOLD OUT! ~
  • See our Video Introduction and other videos, below.
  • Just below that is Daniel Crawford's new video, The Time is Now - Save the Light, narrated by Richard Beck.
  • Also, be sure to watch HD Flybys of the lighthouse by Daniel Crawford and Paul Arrington. There are links to them right after the Video Intro.
  • The Morris Island Lighthouse Live WebCam is up and running again.
    Check out the Live WebCam page. This link has changed. Be sure to update your bookmarks and favorites.
  • October 1: SAVE THE LIGHT had a lighting ceremony to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the first lighting of the lighthouse. This event was free and open to the public.
    There is more information and a link to a video about this event at the top of the Events Page.
  • Phase III of the Morris Island Lighthouse is beginning. Phase III will focus on the preservation of the tower and consist of repairing the interior walls, stairs, metal work, rails, the roof, and replacing the glass in the lantern room. We will also clean, seal, and paint the exterior according to National Park Service historic structure guidelines. You can make donations in support of the Phase III efforts on the Phase III Donors page. A webpage with more information about the Phase III preservation will be coming soon.
  • The SeaPak Shrimp and Seafood Company has made a generous grant of $10,000 in support of the Phase III preservation work.
    More information about their grant can be read at the Post and Courier and at PR Newswire.
    You can view photos of the Grant Presentation on the Events Page.
  • Morris Island Lighthouse is to be part of new Michael Jordan Video "Southern Lighthouses".
    See the video below.
Map of Coastal Lighthouses

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Save the Light, Inc.
We are glad you found this site and hope you will look around it while you are on line and appreciate the historical significance of saving a lighthouse. That is exactly what we are doing right in front of your eyes. This is the third lighthouse to occupy this site, off the coast of Charleston, and this one was built just after the War Between the States. Construction started in 1872 and it took four years to build, operating the light for the first time on October 1, 1876. The tower leans slightly toward the NE and we believe it has slowly done so since the earthquake of 1886, along with the slow erosion of the very sand it sits on out in the ocean.

Save the Light is a grass roots, non-profit organization that was formed to save the Morris Island Lighthouse from being lost to the sea. We bought the lighthouse from the previous owner in 1999, turned around and gave it to the State of South Carolina at the end of 2000 after working out a lease agreement by which Save the Light would transfer ownership to the State of South Carolina at no cost. Now all the citizens of the State own it. Save the Light retains all responsibility for planning, engineering, fund raising and execution of all aspects of the preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse.

The project to save the lighthouse has moved along very nicely since 2000 when we became organized and established our goals. One of the first things we did was have the lighthouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We then began working with the US Army Corps of Engineers and a private engineering consultant to have the structure evaluated and the phases of restoration planned. Our immediate goal was to stabilize the foundation under the lighthouse. It was initially built on land, a quarter mile from the ocean, and supported by 264 wooden timber piles. Over the years, the ocean gradually crept closer and closer to the lighthouse, until in 1939, a steel barrier was erected around it to stabilize the foundation. During that same time period, the lightkeepers’ house and other structures at the lighthouse were disassembled and moved off the island.

In 2007 we were able to fund an erosion protection project through the US Army Corps of Engineers. Taylor Brothers Marine Construction, from Beaufort, North Carolina, was awarded the construction project to build a steel cofferdam around the base of the tower and place stones outside it to prevent further erosion. This was our Phase I effort and was completed in March of 2008, with a cost just over $3 million.

Our efforts to save it continued and on March 1, 2010, we awarded our Phase II contract to Palmetto Gunite Construction Company, Ravenel, SC, for just under $2 million. This was a design/build contract to install new concrete piles under the foundation. This contract also filled the inside of the Phase I cofferdam with sand to help stabilize the foundation. The installation of 68 new micro-piles rated at 75 tons each was completed a month ahead of schedule. We have photos of the work posted on this site and encourage you to explore the site and read and appreciate the history of this very important lighthouse as we keep it around for future generations. All this work is exciting and will surely stabilize the tower so that we can continue to restore and preserve it in subsequent phases.

We have installed a camera at the end of Folly Beach so you can see live video of the lighthouse during daylight hours.

After 20 years of operation, we have raised over $6,000,000 in Federal, State, and local funds. We are still involved with fund raising and continue to solicit funds thru special events, fund raisers, product sales, grants and other methods that help generate the money needed to continue our preservation efforts. There is much left to accomplish and we need members to join us and help to save this treasure of our coast. There are a lot of ways that you can help. Please start by becoming a member, renewing your membership, or making a Capital Campaign donation. To thank those of you who have a Morris Island license plate, we will give you a one-year free membership. See the details below.

We hope that you find the website enjoyable and informative and we hope that you will join us in our effort to save this irreplaceable part of our State and nation's history.

Thank you for your support.

Bright Ariail, Chairman

Video Intro to the Morris Island Lighthouse and Save the Light

This is a short video to introduce you to our organization including some quick information about the Morris Island Lighthouse. Look around our site. We have lots of great information for you to look at.

The video was produced by
Production Design Associates.

Dan Crawford - The Time is Now The Time is Now – Save the Light
A new video by Daniel Crawford
Narrated by Richard Beck

You can see it at
The Time is Now – Save the Light
on Vimeo

Dan Crawford Flyby Daniel Crawford has been kind enough to allow us to link to his beautiful high definition flyby of the lighthouse that he made at sunrise, one morning in June 2015.

You can see it at
Morris Island Lighthouse Folly Beach, SC
on Vimeo

Paul Arrington - Flyby Paul Arrington has given us permission to link to his high definition video that he made August 2016, to help us promote our efforts preserving the Morris Island Lighthouse.

You can see it at
Folly Beach/Morris Island Lighthouse
on YouTube

The Morris Island Lighthouse Live WebCam is being replaced and will be up and running again soon. We'll have the link active again when everything is ready.

Michael Jordan Includes the Morris Island Lighthouse in New "Southern Lighthouses" DVD

This is a private copy of a segment from Michael Jordan/Cosmos Mariner Productions' upcoming DVD/documentary, "Southeastern Lighthouses," available in stores in early 2013.

Visit Michael's Website:
Cosmos Mariner Productions

Free one-year new membership to holders of Morris Island License Plate

Specialty License Plate

Save The Light is pleased to offer a one-year membership at the Friend level to holders of a Morris Island license plate. If you have this plate and are not yet a member, just email us
your name, address and plate number, and we will send you information about your membership and a Save The Light member decal. More information about this offer can be found on our membership page.

Jim Booth Offers Lighthouse Print to Support Save the Light

Carolina Legacy

Save The Light is pleased to offer Jim Booth's print, "Carolina Legacy". This work of art is an homage to the importance of the Morris Island Lighthouse to South Carolina and Charleston, and was created to help support Save The Light's goal to protect and preserve this irreplaceable historical landmark. More information about this print and Jim's generous offer can be found on our membership page.

To see more Jim Booth prints, access the Jim Booth website.

The Save the Light Brochure is Available Online

Save the Light Brochure
Save the Light Brochure

You can view the current Save the Light Brochure online to learn more about our campaign to save the Morris Island Lighthouse.
Download PDF version (requires Acrobat Reader)

Download Acrobat

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